Pieski Design



Joanna Pietrylowski (pie - try - low- ski)

Just a little bit about myself; I graduated from Kutztown University back in 2012. After graduation I started working freelance jobs around the Allentown, PA and the Philadelphia area. Since then I've been working as an art director/graphic designer for the past two and a half years in an ad agency in Connecticut.

Working with large brands such as Reebok, Pepsico, Starbucks and many other brands. I've worked with many talented designers, copy writer and marketers giving me a great opportunity to not only elevate my design work but also understand marketing, copy writing and art direction. Working at an ad agency, the long hours, tight deadlines, deep-dive creative thinking has build my communication skills - design work - illustration style/work and typography skills.

I am a creatively driven person that meets the best expectations of my peers and myself. Whether it is graphic, advertisement, illustration or typography; I am confident that my capabilities and am qualified to work with your team or company. CV available upon request.